1u distribution panel

Product Information

DPU1U Series UNIFLEX® 1U distribution panels provide the ultimate flexibility in combining fuses, circuit breakers and/or an LVD in a dual (A/B) panel.

A GMT section provides 10 fuses while a circuit breaker section provides 1-6 breakers.  A low-voltage disconnect section is configured at the factory for either battery or load disconnect and can have an optional bypass switch.  A battery circuit breaker is standard.

Each A and B section has an LED alarm indicator and Form C relay contacts. The A and B Sections of the 1U distribution panel are isolated and can be configured independently at the factory for 12, 24 or 48 VDC, positive or negative ground.

DPU1U Series 1U distribution panels are only one mounting position (1.75 inches) high and come with brackets that permit mounting in either a 19- or 23-inch relay rack.  They can be mounted from the front of the rack with offsets every quarter-inch from front to back to align with existing rack-mounted equipment.


Features and Options
  • One Mounting Position High: 1.75”
  • 19- or 23-Inch Rack Mounting
  • Dual Section (A/B)
  • Current Capacity per Section: 60A to 150A
  • Operating Voltage: 12, 24 or 48VDC
  • Positive or Negative Ground
  • A & B are Isolated Loads
  • LED Alarms
  • Form C Relay Contacts, Each Load
  • Combination of Fuses, Breakers, LVD
  • GMT, KTK or Type 70 Fuses
  • 1A to 50A Circuit Breakers
  • LVD has Battery Circuit Breaker
  • LVD in Series with Battery or Load
  • Rack Offset Every ¼” from Front to Back
  • Distribution Panels
Panel Capacity Breakers: 150A per bus
Fuses: 80A per bus
LVD: 70A

Breakers: 1 to 6 - 1A to 50A
Fuses: 10 GMT - ½A to 12A

Voltage 48V Nominal: 42-60VDC
24V Nominal: 21-30VDC
12V Nominal: 10.5-15VDC
Polarity Positive or Negative Ground
Alarm Indicator Dual-Color LED each side
LED Status Indication Breakers or Fuses:
Green = Normal
Red = Alarm
Off = No Power

Red = LVD Contactor or Battery Breaker Open
Off = Normal
Alarm Connections Breakers or Fuses:
One Form C Relay Contact each side

One Form C Relay Contacts for Disconnect or Battery Breaker
Certifications UL1950, CSA22.2 No.950, EN60-950
Operating Temp. Range -10°C to +70°C
Storage Temp. Range -40°C to + 85°C
Humidity 0% to 95%, Non-Condensing
Case Material Steel
Finish Powder Coat Gray
Dimensions, Inches (mm) 1.75 (44.5) H x 19.00 (483) W x 9.00 (229) D
Weight 8.76 - 9.73 lbs. (3.97 - 4.41 kg.)
Rack Mounting Width 19 or 23 Inches using reversible mounting brackets
Base Model Number Side Total Amps Type
DPU1U A 80
10 x GMT Fuses
1-6 x Breakers
B 80
10 x GMT Fuses
1-6 x Breakers
1 x LVD
NOTE: Each side of the panel can be configured for only one of the available ‘types’ as shown. To specify a complete model number see the configuration guide on the datasheet.