PODS Series

outdoor power cabinets

Product Information

Utilize the light and compact design of the MIDI Outdoor Power Cabinets for simple network deployment. The low impact MIDI outdoor power cabinets provide the ideal enclosure solution for all wireless, fiber, and transmission networks, and is easily transported through doorways, in elevators or in smaller vehicles.

The versatile MIDI outdoor power cabinets system supports valuable network equipment, backup batteries, and power systems in a range of severe environmental conditions.

The MIDI outdoor power cabinets has a flexible and modular design matched with network equipment to provide a low impact solution.

Features and Options
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy logistics
  • 15RU/19” total mounting space to match network equipment requirements
  • Available with plinth, pole or wall mounting
  • Flexible thermal management solutions matched to load and environmental parameters
  • IP55/IP54 protection rating
  • Fits one string of typical 100Ah batteries
  • Simple trouble-free installation, operation, and maintenance
DC Power Systems Compatible with a range of Guardian and Aspiro power systems
Distribution Circuit breaker & fuse options available
Dimensions, inches (mm)

Single Door Cabinet
Double Door Cabinet

23.6 (600) W x 23.6 (600) D x 31.5 (800) H
23.6 (600) W x 28.0 (710) D x 31.5 (800) H
SecurityLockable, vandal-proof hinges, multi-point locking mechanism
Cable EntryBottom
MaterialAluzinc, powder coated
Mounting 2 person lift onto pad, pole or wall
Equipment Mounting Width 19”
Equipment Mounting Height 15RU
Weight, max.

Plinth Mounted
Pole/Wall Mounted
Double Door

154lb / 70 kg
132lb / 60 kg
154lb / 70 kg
Heat exchangerClosed loop door mounted, 55 W/K
Air conditioner450WDC
Direct Filter Cooling Door mounted filter with door or top mounted fan
Thermal insulation kitInternal thermal insulation material for reduced effect or solar radiation
Cable gland platesTailored to suit site RF, DC, AC Coaxial
Battery Heater 400W thermostat controlled
Service light LED, 48V
Grounding bars Located in plinth for Mains, DC & RF
Battery options

one string of typical 100-105Ah batteries, or with extension battery cabinet.