PODS Series

outdoor power cabinets

Product Information

PODS V3 single wall outdoor power cabinets combine efficient cooling options with cost-efficient design, providing reliable cabinet solutions that save capital cost as well as running cost.

PODS V3 outdoor power cabinets incorporate closed loop heat exchanger and direct fan cooling solutions for environmental control are operating independent of the power system controller, and ensures network integrity even in the most challenging conditions.

Features and Options
  • 30RU or 40RU payload options to cater for typical power, battery and equipment configurations
  • Direct Fan Cooling (DFC), Heat Exchangers (HEX) or Air Conditioners provide environmental control
  • Compatible with a wide range of UNIPOWER power system platforms
  • Single wall design for best cost
DC Power Systems Compatible with a range of Guardian and Aspiro power systems
Distribution DC and AC options
Dimensions, inches (mm)

v3 1500 HEX/ACU
v3 1500 DFC
v3 2000 HEX/ACU
v3 2000 DFC

30 (780) W × 34 (850) D × 61 (1560) H *
30 (780) W × 34 (850) × 64 (1620) H
30 (780) W × 34 (850) D × 79 (2000) H *
30 (780) W × 34 (850) D × 81 (2060) H

* Depth variations may apply to different cooling types
SecurityMulti-lock door with vandal-free hinges, Lockable top lid for additional point of access
Cable EntryTop sides or rear, or bottom cable entry solutions. Various glands available for different cable types
MaterialAluzinc, powder coated
Mounting Pad mounted, installation via mounting ears on the top lid
Equipment Mounting Width 23”, with various 19” adaptor options
Equipment Mounting Height 30RU or 40RU
Equipment Mounting Depth, inches (mm) 23.6 (600)
v3 1500Direct Fan cooling (top lid mounted) 55W/K Heat Exchanger, ACU (AC and DC Operated)
v3 2000Direct Fan cooling (top lid mounted) 200W/K Heat Exchanger, ACU (AC and DC Operated)
Thermal Insulation KitInternal thermal insulation material for reduced effect or solar radiation
Cable gland platesTailored to suit site RF, DC, AC Coaxial
Heater400W or 900W
Service light  LED, 48V
Smoke detector V operated
Laptop tray Slide-out
Redundant Ventilation Available for ACU/HEX cabinets only
Battery options

v3 1500: Up to 540Ah using 4 × 180Ah strings
v3 2000: Up to 720Ah using 4 × 180Ah strings