How UNIPOWER can ensure reliable power for telecom and datacom 5G system design

UNIPOWER is a leading industrial power supplier that offers high-reliability DC power systems for Telecom and Datacom 5G system design.

The interconnection via the internet of nearly every device (the “internet of things”), enabling them to send and receive data, stable, reliable power is more important than ever before. Any downtime, no matter how minor, can have a huge effect on your network.

With the rollout of 5G, more and more flexibility is required from DC power systems to solve power challenges for Telecom and Datacom 5G system design. With more connected devices, enhanced network availability and faster downloads, high-reliability DC power systems are critical to 5G’s infrastructure success.

UNIPOWER’S robust, modular, scalable and customizable DC power solutions feature plug-and-play capability enabling rapid time to deployment. Our families of high efficiency rectifiers, inverters and DC Power Systems solve difficult power problems for mission-critical applications.

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Telecom/Datacom Products & Solutions

Our family of DC systems can be grouped into categories as follows: