battcon 2021

At this year’s Battcon conference, we were pleased to present our highly trusted and reliable Guardian and Aspiro DC power families. Conversations were a plenty about the reliability and technology of power systems and how lithium-ion batteries are becoming favored for utility and telecom applications compared to lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion chemistry has a distinct advantage… Read more »

when it absolutely must work

At UNIPOWER, we hang our hats on our reliability and robust designs. The following article comes directly from the field where we support the U.S. military and their communications equipment. Read how our Sageon DC power systems are the de facto standard for our military customers because reliability matters most of all. The post is… Read more »


unipower invests in the future

Many times we issue a story, blog or press release announcing a major improvement to the company and/or our customer service. However, most times we move on to the next news item and do not report the progress on previous stories. I am happy to announce that UNIPOWER’s lead time program has been a huge… Read more »

Scalable Power Solutions

With the roll-out of 5G, I’m excited about the many opportunities for our DC power systems to solve power challenges for telco and datacom systems. With more connected devices, enhanced network availability and faster downloads, high-reliability DC power systems are critical to 5G’s infrastructure success. Our highly reliable modular, scalable and customizable solutions feature plug-and-play… Read more »

gsa military procurement

If you’re looking for dependable high‐efficiency power electronics, energy conversion systems and power supplies that comply with the Buy American Act (BAA), you’ll find that all UNIPOWER military products qualify for the BAA program and DoD projects. (Certification documents are available from your UNIPOWER sales representative.) These products are available for purchase through GSA Advantage!… Read more »

Looking for quick information about power topics from Utility and Industrial Charging Systems to Planning Reliable Power for Medical Devices?   Check out our updated YouTube Channel where you can find useful information about these how-to topics and more including one-minute visual tours of many of our most popular power systems. While data sheets can… Read more »

bravo tsi and eci modular inverter systems

Designers Can Easily Combine Bravo ECI or TSI Modular Inverter Systems with UNIPOWER’s DC Power Systems for Complete AC and DC Power Solutions July 14, 2020 (Coral Springs, FL) – UNIPOWER LLC, a world-leading supplier of industrial AC and DC power systems, announces its new family of Bravo modular inverter systems that provide customers with a… Read more »

medical power supplies

During the challenging times we find ourselves in, UNIPOWER continues to support the medical power supply chain. See below the variety of medical-grade power supplies that UNIPOWER manufactures. MEDIMOD® Series Embedded AC-DC Power Supplies Provide MOPP-Rated Options for Wide Range of Medical Devices In medical environments, reliable power is a must. People’s lives may depend… Read more »

rack-mount inverters

At UNIPOWER, we are always looking for ways to give our customers more flexibility in their applications and system designs. Here’s another example of an ever-expanding product line – Scimitar Inverters: