2.5kVA Hot-Swap Modular Inverter

Product Information

Bravo TSI 48/120 is a compact modular inverter that converts a 48VDC power source into 120VAC and provides a pure sine wave. By using several modules, we can offer solutions for two-phase (2 x 120Vac + N) or three-phase (3 x208VAC + N) infrastructures.

The extra AC input ensures a high overall efficiency (up to 95%) which results in a reduction of energy loss and heat dissipation.

This module has a modularity from 2.5kVA to up to 30kVA in order to be able to evolve with your needs. The hot swap feature makes maintenance easier and reduces the risk of errors.

The low ripple voltage avoids any disturbances on DC loads and batteries.


Features and Options
  • Extra AC input for increased efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Up to 30kVA
  • No disturbances on DC loads & batteries
Nominal Output Power 2500VA | 2000W
Overload Capacity 150% (15 seconds)
110% permanent within operating temperature range
Admissible Load Power Factor Full power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive
Internal Temperature Management and Switch Off 2% / °C, derating beyond 50°C with cut-off at 65°C
Nominal Voltage 48Vdc
Voltage Range 40 to 60Vdc
Nominal Current 56A (at 40Vdc and 2000W output)
Maximum input current (for 15 seconds) 84A
Voltage Ripple <2mV Psophometric
Input Voltage Boundaries User selectable with T2S interface
Nominal Voltage 120Vac
(120/240V or 120/208V with combination of shelves)
Voltage Range 100-138Vac (without derating) (can be disabled)
Brownout80-100Vac, use DC source contribution if needed (can be
2000VA/1600W @ 150Vac
Conformity Range Before Transfer to DCAdjustable
Line & Load Regulation <2%
Power Factor >99%
Frequency range (selectable) | synchronization range50 - 60Hz | range 47– 53Hz / 57– 63Hz
Filtering: Wideband Noise, 20MHz BW500mV pk-pk
Nominal Voltage
Operation within lower voltage networks leads to de-rating of power performances
Frequency | Accuracy 50-60Hz | 0.03%
Total Harmonic Distortion (Resistive Load) <1.5%
Load Impact Recovery Time 0.4ms
Turn-on Delay 20s to 40s depending on the number of modules installed
Power Factor >99%
Nominal Current. Protected against reverse current 21A
Crest Factor 3 : 1
Short Circuit Clear-up Capacity 10 x In for 20msec
Available while Mains is available at AC input port
With magnitude control and management
Short Circuit Current after Clear-up Capacity 2.1 x In during 15s and 1.5 x In after 15s
Max. Voltage Interruption
Total Transient Voltage Duration (max)
Display Synoptic LED
Alarms Output & Supervision Dry contacts on shelf / Standard USB port and MODBUS on T2S, optional : Candis Display / Candis TCP-IP
Remote on/offon rear terminal of the shelf via T2S
EMC (Immunity)IEC 1000-4
EMC (Emission) (class) FCC part 15
SafetycUL1778 Recognized
Cooling Forced
Isolation Double
MTBF 240,000 hrs (MIL-217-F)
Efficiency (Typical)

95% - Enhanced Power Conversion
91% - On-Line

Dielectric Strength DC/AC 4300Vdc
True Redundant Systems – compliant 3 disconnection levels on AC out and DC in power ports
4 disconnection levels on AC in port
RoHS Compliant
Vibration - GR63 0 to 100Hz - 0.1g - Office Vibration
5 to 100Hz - 0.5g, 100 to 500Hz - 1.5 g - Transport Vibration
Drop test
Operating Ambiance | Ingress Protection Free from dust and corrosive materials | NEMA 1
Altitude Above Sea Derating <1500m - None
>1500m - 0.8% / 100m
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity, max. 95%, non-condensing
Case Material Coated Steel-ALU ZINC
ORDERING GUIDE (see datasheet for full details)
Description UNIPOWER Part Number
Inverter Module
(max. 4 per shelf)
Management Module (T2S ETH) 105.5701.2448
Power Shelf: 19" x 2RU 105.5719.00
Rear Protection Cover for Shelf 105.5720.02
Relay Rack Mid-Mount Kit 385.6400.5719
19” to 23” / 600mm fixing kit 385.6300.2302
BUS Cable Kit: 2-shelf 105.5720.03
BUS Cable Kit: 3-Shelf 105.5720.04
Inverter Module Blank 385.6401.5719
Management Module Blank 105.5701.01
BRAVO to ACX Translator 001‐5301‐0000