police comms room

Public Safety Communications equipment is at the heart of responding to a myriad of emergencies and typically includes land mobile and microwave radio systems, wireline and wireless telephone systems, mobile computing resources, in-car speed enforcement, emergency and camera equipment. The lifeblood of this mission-critical equipment is power. If the power equipment is not built to… Read more »

Looking for quick information about power topics from Utility and Industrial Charging Systems to Planning Reliable Power for Medical Devices?   Check out our updated YouTube Channel where you can find useful information about these how-to topics and more including one-minute visual tours of many of our most popular power systems. While data sheets can… Read more »

bravo tsi and eci modular inverter systems

Designers Can Easily Combine Bravo ECI or TSI Modular Inverter Systems with UNIPOWER’s DC Power Systems for Complete AC and DC Power Solutions July 14, 2020 (Coral Springs, FL) – UNIPOWER LLC, a world-leading supplier of industrial AC and DC power systems, announces its new family of Bravo modular inverter systems that provide customers with a… Read more »

medical power supplies

MEDIMOD® Series Embedded AC-DC Power Supplies Provide MOPP-Rated Options for Wide Range of Medical Devices In medical environments, reliable power is a must. People’s lives may depend on it. Our medical grade power supplies have medical safety approvals and are backed by warranties up to five years. When medical professionals and patients count on you,… Read more »

the unipower solution

“DON’T SEE WHAT YOU NEED? IT CAN EASILY BE CHANGED.” The EASYMOD® family of switching power supplies has been designed with two precepts; (1) the laws of physics are immutable, and (2) the satisfaction of customer requirements and needs is paramount. A host of modifications, only some of which are listed below, can and will… Read more »

rack-mount inverters

March 18, 2019 (Coral Springs, FL) – UNIPOWER, the leading provider in power for mission-critical applications and high efficiency systems, today announced expansion of its popular Scimitar 19-inch rack-mount sine-wave inverter line with the introduction of both 3000 and 5000 Watt models featuring remote monitoring and control and built-in static transfer switches. According to John… Read more »

guardian bulk m42

April 02, 2018 (Coral Springs, FL) – UNIPOWER, the leading provider in power for mission critical applications and high efficiency systems, announced the Guardian Bulk M42 DC power system today. The new mid-range rack-mounted system is dedicated to servicing data centers, cable and telecom markets worldwide. The Guardian Bulk M42 series is a 10RU high 19”… Read more »

aspiro 1u

Sept. 12, 2017 (NOVI, MICHIGAN) – Critical Power Expo 2017 UNIPOWER LLC today announced the Aspiro 1U is a compact, integrated, ETSI rack mounted DC power system for use in the North American market. This power system, providing an output of -48VDC, includes multiple features including remote monitoring and control, hot-swappable high-efficiency rectifiers, a field replaceable controller,… Read more »

Sageon System and Batteries Selected for Municipal Metro System

Coral Springs, FL – February 14, 2017.  UNIPOWER, LLC in collaboration with our Channel Partner, American Power Systems, is pleased to have been selected to provide a DC power upgrade and advanced battery upgrades for a major municipality metro traffic signaling system.  These improved efficiencies will allow better oversight of how the power plant and… Read more »

utilities market

UNIPOWER’s DC Power Systems have traditionally been targeted at the Telecom/Networking/Datacom markets; but were you aware that we have a number of customers in the Utilities Market Sector?  These system have been successfully deployed to provide reliable, backed up DC power for their critical management and control systems.  We additionally offer a range of battery… Read more »

DC Power solution companies often find themselves providing reliable back up power for interesting mission critical applications other than true Telecom applications.

Coral Springs, FL– October 18, 2016   DC Power solution companies often find themselves providing reliable back up power for interesting mission critical applications other than true Telecom applications. UNIPOWER is pleased to have been selected to provide a major transport hub with DC power for its critical communications needs. The UNIPOWER solution consisted of backed up… Read more »

hybrid dc power

Coral Springs, FL– June 9, 2016 UNIPOWER announces the introduction to the North American Market of its Guardian Hybrid DC power solution after large deployments in Africa and Asia. Combining many years of telecom power systems experience with renewable energy expertise, UNIPOWER has developed a modular and fully integrated hybrid solution for telecom applications.  … Read more »