spmd & spm retrofit kit

Product Information

The Guardian SPMD/SPM Retrofit Kits replace the legacy power section in existing SPMD & SPM systems.

The module is 8RU high and contains two rectifier/controller power shelves incorporating up to 7 Guardian family high eff iciency hot-swap rectifier modules along with an ACX Advanced system controller plus an alarm module. A maximum total current of 375A N+1 is available. The rectifiers are internally fan cooled with speed control which is a function of load and temperature, keeping acoustic noise to a minimum.

The ACX Advanced controller monitors system parameters, controls rectifier output, and provides alarms for system failures. The controller is hot-pluggable for easy field replacement in case of failure. There are 2 LED alarm indicators which indicate failures, (RED) Alarm and (YELLOW) Message. A third green LED indicates the controller is working properly. As standard ten form-C relay outputs provide the alarms for remote use. Two digital inputs and outputs are also provided as well as an SD card with sufficient capacity for more than 20 years data logging.

The system can be programmed by means of a remote PC web page display. Communication is by Ethernet LAN with SNMPv3 including alarm trapping. It also has provision for temperature compensated charging of an external battery using a supplied TC probe. An LCD Display/Touchpad is included for local metering, status, and setup.

The Guardian AGM Retrofit Kit is compatible with UNIPOWER’s free PowCom™ software which offers local and remote management through an advanced Windows GUI.


Features and Options
  • Replaces Power Section for
  • Legacy Sageon SPMD/SPM Systems
  • >96% Efficiency Rectifiers
  • 375A N+1 Capacity
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Field Replaceable Controller
  • Ethernet Comm. with SNMPv3
  • 3 LED Alarm/Status Indicators
  • 10 Form-C Relay Alarms
  • LCD Display/Touchpad
  • Easy Installation
System Voltage-48VDC nominal | -53.5 float (factory default setting, user adjustable)
Maximum Load Capacity 375A N+1
No. Rectifier Slots


Bus Bars & Lugs Kit includes hardware to connect to existing Sageon installation
Voltage (nominal)1-phase 230/240VAC (L-N-PE)
2-phase 240VAC (L1-L2-PE)
3-phase (3-wire Wye) - 190/200/216/208/220/240VAC (L1-L2-PE / L2-L3-PE / L3-L1-PE)
3-phase (4-wire Delta) - 200/210/220/230/240VAC (L1-N-PE / L2-N-PE / L3-N-PE)
Maximum Input Current 17.5A per rectifier
Rectifier Power Factor>0.98 (typical)
Terminals Blocks L/N or L1/L2 per rectifier position - accepting wire gauge 24-10AWG
MONITORING & CONTROL (ACX Advanced Controller)
Alarm Relays 10 standard
Local Interface 4 x 20 LCD, 4-key menu, USB / RS232, microSD card slot (4GB max,) for data logging
Remote InterfaceEthernet / Modem using PowCom™ software package
Ethernet port allows monitoring and control over a TCP/IP network.
Web browser support + SNMPv3
LED IndicationsGreen - System ON; Yellow - Message(s); Red LED - Alarm(s)
External Digital I/O 2 x Inputs, 2 x Outputs (TTL Level)
EMCEN 300 386 ; EN61000-6-3 (Emission) ; EN61000-6-2 (Immunity)
SafetyIEC60950-1:2005 2 Ed. +A1:2009
Operating Temperature-40ºC to +55ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC to +85ºC
Battery Disconnection Provides voltage controlled disconnection of batteries.
Boost Charging Manual time controlled or automatic boost charging with adjustable time and voltage levels.
Battery Tests Automatic or manual testing of batteries up to six times per year with a 10 test memory. Variables include test duration and end voltage.
Battery discontinuance test to ensure battery connection.
Enhanced Battery Monitoring Monthly logging of essential battery parameters including temperature, temperature hours, current, charging voltage and symmetry voltage, Data logged for 5 years.
Site Logs System tools developed to assist site management. Daily peak load and statistic logs available.
Symmetry Measurement Optional tool that measures batteries for early detection of thermal runaway.
Temperature Compensation Charging

Allows continuous adjustment of output voltage according to battery temperature.
Features include adjustable compensation factor and separate thresholds for high temperature alarms.