PCS Controller Retrofit Kit

Product Information

The PCS controller retrofit kit replaces both PCS1 and PCS2 controllers in PCS 1/2 controlled Power Systems (PPS10, PPS16, Forza) with no need to use a PNI card/box for Ethernet communication.

The retrofit kit is based on ACX Advanced hardware but uses different firmware to keep PCS1/2 functionality, which allows users to keep the existing configuration for system and battery management.

System control is interfaced through the PCS Interface cards and implementation into existing systems is simplified by door/panel replacement and little work on signal cabling.



Features and Options
  • User-selectable alarm parameters
  • Password controlled environment
  • USB or RS232* Interface
  • Programmable alarm routing
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet interface + web server support + SNMPv1,v2,v3
  • 1000-event alarm log
  • Audible Alarm
  • Remote configuration upgrade
  • Micro SD card data logging
  • Multiple Language Support
System Voltage 18-60VDC
Display Optional 3 x 16 character LCD
Language Support English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
Internal Communication RS485 Data Bus (64 modules max.), microSD card (up to 2GB)
External Communication USB or RS232* interface for remote control via modem or directly from a PC with PowComTM software. Ethernet port allowing monitoring and control over a TCP/IP network. Web browser support + SNMPv3.
Indicators Green LED – Power ON | Yellow LED – System warning | Red LED – System alarm
Software Site upgradeable by Flash memory
Low System Voltage; High System Voltage; Load/Battery Disconnection; Mains Error; Distribution Fuse Failure; Battery Failure; Module Failure; High Battery Temperature; Symmetry Fault; Battery Fuse Failure; High Load; Battery Fuse Disconnected; Urgent Module Failure; Communication Failure; Partial Load Disconnection; Temperature Probe Failure; High Distribution Load; Alarms Are Blocked; 16x User Defined Alarms
Battery Disconnection Allows voltage controlled disconnection of batteries.
Boost Charging Manual time controlled or automatic boost charging with adjustable time and voltage levels.
Battery Tests Automatic or manual testing of batteries up to six times per year with a 10 test memory. Variables include test duration and end voltage. Battery discontinuance test to ensure battery connection.
Enhanced Battery Monitoring Monthly logging of essential battery parameters including temperature, temperature hours, current, charging voltage and symmetry voltage, Data logged for 5 years.
Site Logs System tools developed to assist site management. Daily peak load and statistic logs available.
Symmetry Measurement Optional tool that measures batteries for early detection of thermal runaway.
Temperature Compensation Charging Allows continuous adjustment of output voltage according to battery temperature. Features include adjustable compensation factor and separate thresholds for high temperature alarms.
Load Shedding (PLD) Optional feature that allows voltage or time controlled disconnection of non-essential load.
Dimensions19” Panel – 19“ x 2U H x 1.75“ D | 23” Door
Intelligent site management
  • Battery tests and log
  • Battery voltage and symmetry monitoring
  • Remaining battery capacity measurement
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Temperature compensation with programmable compensation factor
  • Monthly data logging
  • Site log tools