Product Information

The compact FPV30.48G 2.9kW 48VDC 60 amp Solar PV Converter joins the ranks of the Guardian products family supporting up to 14.5kW solar arrays in a 1RU 23” shelf. Maximum energy harvest from the valuable photovoltaic (PV) array is accomplished through a >99% Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm.

The FPV30.48G 60 amp Solar PV Converter provides a modular building block for Renewable Energy and Hybrid sites and caters for a broad blend of CapEx, OpEx and ROI models. Accompanied by the Guardian Power System, indoor and outdoor enclosures and PV string combiners, UNIPOWER provides a total site solution across a wide range of challenging environments.


Features and Options
  • True MPPT >99% energy harvest
  • Auto-detection of PV array size
  • 2.9kW output power
  • Rugged input voltage from 130-360VDC
  • 95% efficiency
  • International standards compliance
  • Thermal protection
  • Modular design, interoperable with AC-DC rectifiers in Guardian Systems
Voltage Nominal MPPT: 130 – 345VDC (Safety approved input voltage range)
Startup: 120VDC
Shutdown: > 400VDC
Derated Output Power: < 180VDC
Current16Arms nominal, 17.6Arms max
Surge ImmunityEN61000-4-5
Voltage Range44-57.6VDC
Power 2900W
Current 60A Maximum 
Efficiency95% peak
Tolerance Vout ±1.0%
Transient Response ±5% at load variation 10-90% or 90-10%
50ms recovery
Load SharingMPPT unconstrained, otherwise <5% of nominal current
Ripple<200mV p-p (BW 20 MHz)
Psophometric<2mV, according to CCITT norms
Safety CAN/CSA C22.2 No 62368-1:2014; UL 62368-1:2014; EN 62368-1:2014/A11:2017
EMCEN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
EnvironmentalStorage: ETSI EN300 019-2-1
Transport: ETSI EN300 019-2-2
Operation: ETSI EN300 019-2-3
Damp Heat: IEC60068-2-78
MIL-STD-810D section 507.2
Earthquake: GR 63 Core Zone 4
Dimensions, inches (mm)4.2 W x 14.0 D x 1.6 H (107 W x 355 D x 41 H)
Weight4.6lbs. (2.1kg)
CoolingFan-cooled, speed controlled
Insulation4.25kVDC primary-secondary
2.12kVDC primary-ground
0.1kVDC secondary-ground
Mounting19in/23in x 1U subrack
up to 4/5 modules
Protection Short circuit proof, Automatic current limiting, Selective shutdown of modules at excessive output voltage, Thermal protection
AlarmsHigh output voltage/ shutdown, Low voltage / module failure
LED Indicators Bicolor: Green ON: Power ON | Red ON: Module failure / high output voltage/ shutdown
Yellow: ON: Current limit, Thermal protection | Blinking: Communication failure
Audible Noise <60dBA
Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C up to 2000m
Reduced spec -40°C to -20°C
Derated output power from 45°C linear derating to 65°C
For 3000m altitude derated by 5°C
Storage Temperature-60°C to +85°C
MTBF @ 25°C (without fan)

Telcordia SR-332, Issue 3: 450kh @ 25°C, with fan
MIL-HDBK-217F-2: 273kh @ 25°C, with fan