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Lithium-Ion batteries are becoming more common in all kinds of stationary power applications, including Data Centers, EDGE compute, and other IT infrastructure installations. Green Cubes Product Marketing Engineer JD DiGiacomandrea, on behalf of UNIPOWER, was invited to speak at Data Center World 2022 in Austin Texas on March 31 about selecting lithium-ion batteries for stationary applications. In this session JD presented some of the fundamental considerations and trade-offs when assessing a Lithium-ion UPS system to complement your data center equipment. Several critical considerations include the available battery chemistry options – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) versus Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) versus traditional Lead Acid (LA). For each of these options, ROI comparisons are provided based on post-installation analysis of data center operations, and these comparisons highlight expected benefits before installation and realized returns after installation. UNIPOWER in conjunction with Green Cubes Technology strive to educate the industry about the nuanced differences and benefits of Lithium batteries.

UNIPOWER provides stationary power systems for many applications including Data Centers, Telecom, Wireless, and Fiber installations. Our technology has been engineered to work with many battery chemistries including Lead acid and Lithium Ion to provide flexibility to our customers. Green Cubes Technology provides Lithium Ion based Energy Storage systems for the same industries in partnership with UNIPOWER. Contact us today to discuss your backup power needs and how we can help ensure your system stays up when the power goes out.