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MEDIMOD® Series Embedded AC-DC Power Supplies Provide MOPP-Rated Options for Wide Range of Medical Devices

In medical environments, reliable power is a must. People’s lives may depend on it. Our medical grade power supplies have medical safety approvals and are backed by warranties up to five years. When medical professionals and patients count on you, you can count on UNIPOWER.

From 40W to 500W, UNIPOWER’s Medical Grade Power Supplies offer flexible configurations with single-output models ranging from 5Vdc to 57Vdc and multiple-output options with up to four customer-specified voltages from 1.5Vdc to 48Vdc. Because these devices are part of our popular EASYMOD® family of products, we can provide a high level of customization with rapid deployment and minimal NRE, typically with safety and medical approvals in place. Not only does this minimize development cost, it assures rapid time to market.


  • Medial Approvals with MOPP ratings on many models
  • Universal AC Input
  • Footprints as small as 2” x 3”
  • Extended operating temperature ranges up to 70°C
  • Various form factors: open frame, U-channel and fully enclosed
  • Cooling options for use in a variety of environments

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