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Coral Springs, FL – March, 8 2017UNIPOWER is pleased to have been selected by our Channel Partner – Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. (SPS) to provide DC power and chargers for a mobile 48VDC power plant to be supplied to a large telecommunications provider.  A total of five mobile 48VDC power plants were delivered by SPS in December 2016 and January 2017.

Each Mobile 48VDC Power Plant incorporates UNIPOWER’s 48 Volt ARE-M Series charger for float charging of the on-board 880Ah capacity VRLA battery.  Also included is a 48VDC/400A Sageon 2 Rectifier Plant which can be deployed either in the Mobile 48VDC Power Plant itself or transported inside the customer premises and placed into service there.

The design was tailored to meet the end customer’s requirements for each of the Mobile 48VDC Power Plants.  The telecommunications provider uses the Mobile 48VDC Power Plants as emergency and reserve power plants at Central office and MTSO locations where additional battery reserve time or maintenance of the 48VDC plants may be required.

SPS is a leading provider in the Midwest of design specification, procurement, installation, maintenance and testing of stationary battery and DC power systems in electric utility, telecommunication and UPS applications. SPS has full EF&I (Engineer, Furnish and Install) capabilities that provide complete turn-key solutions for your critical power requirements. SPS’s commitment, experience and knowledge in the industry along their after-market support results in the highest standard of service and ensures continuous and reliable operations of customers’ critical power systems.