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At UNIPOWER, we hang our hats on our reliability and robust designs. The following article comes directly from the field where we support the U.S. military and their communications equipment. Read how our Sageon DC power systems are the de facto standard for our military customers because reliability matters most of all. The post is from someone who really knows the need for reliability firsthand, and he is one of our partners – Michael Shillinger, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel!

Working with governmental agencies such as the FAA and major defense contractors for the military, there is no room for compromise – especially when it comes to powering sensitive electronic and communications equipment. Due to their criticality and cannot-fail requirements, D.C. power systems must work the first time, every time. In partnering with the Krydon Group, our Sageon systems are being deployed in installations across the globe and often in very remote locations to solve complex challenges for critical government infrastructure at:

  • forward-deployed bases
  • domestic facilities
  • air traffic control facilities
  • mobile communication facilities

For most applications, the government looks for tried-and-true equipment with a long-proven track record of reliability, like our Sageon DC Power Systems and battery chargers made in Dunlap, Tennessee. For example, working with the Army often requires power solutions that are precisely customized with redundancy and the highest level of reliability (backed by ISO9001 Certification). Krydon’s dedicated team of technicians and engineers oversees the installation, validation and load testing in theater to ensure all systems are functioning to spec.

“The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and other agencies all know that the UNIPOWER Sageon Systems and associated batteries are rock solid,” noted Michael F. Shillinger, vice president of engineering for the Krydon Group. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, Shillinger knows firsthand how critical it is to have the equipment – especially communications systems – always at the ready. On the rare occasion a question occurs, the folks at Krydon and UNIPOWER are available to take the call at any hour of the day to quickly address any challenge.

Qualified for the “Buy American Act” program, GSA Advantage! and DoD projects, our Sageon family of DC Power Systems offer hot-swap rectifiers with 90% plus efficiency, battery monitoring and testing, and a wide operating temperature range from 40ºF to 158ºF. In addition, UNIPOWER’s ARE-M Battery Chargers offer 24V to 250V output, minimal maintenance, remote communications, temperature compensation and more.

For military installations, customization of our systems is a must to address specific form factors. Power shelves, power distribution components, enclosures, wiring and other components are built or sourced to meet tight specifications. Training in theater is another key aspect of the UNIPOWER-Krydon team. Setting up the power systems properly and fully understanding D.C. equipment operation requires experience with both the equipment and the highly specialized applications in which they are deployed.

We are proud to work with the Krydon Group (a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and the Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association (AFCEA) to integrate and support our power systems for mission-critical defense programs.



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