350 watt DC-DC Converters

Product Information

DCMOD® AG-350D SERIES is a 350 Watt DC-DC Converters platform with both standard and configurable models featuring output voltage(s) that can be quickly configured to order while maintaining all international safety approvals.

These 350 watt DC-DC Converters are available with 12, 24 or 48VDC input ranges and single, dual, triple or quad output configurations ranging from 1.5 to 48 VDC. The AG-350D features an industry-standard footprint, international safety approvals, Class B emissions; and -20 ~ +70°C operation (see derating).

DCMOD® 350 watt DC-DC Converters capabilities include a multitude of output voltage configurations, optional covers (with or without fan), extended temperature operating range, isolated outputs, attached wire harnesses and much, much more. All these modifications are available without any impact on safety approvals to reduce both development cost and time to market.

Features and Options
  • 24V or 48V DC Inputs
  • 1 or 4 Outputs configurable from 1.5~48VDC
  • International Safety Approvals
  • Five Year Warranty
  • >500k Hours MTBF Demonstrated
  • Optional -40°C Guaranteed Start-Up
  • Double Sided PC Board
Voltage Range 18-36 | 36-72 VDC
Current 22A max. @ 18V | 14A max. @ 36V
Fusing 30A @ 24V | 20A @ 48V

100W Convection | 350W with 30 cfm Airflow

Hold-up Time16mSec
Efficiency 75% Typical
Adjustment Range (V1 Only)±5%
Ripple / Noise, max. 1% pk-pk max.
Line Regulation ±0.2% max.
Load Regulation @ 60% ±40% Full Load

V1: ±3% max.
V2-V4: ±5% max.

Cross Regulation @ 60% ± 40% Full Load V1: Change in V2 - V4: ±0.5%
V2 - V4: Change in V1 @75 ±25% F/L: ±5% max.
Overvoltage Protection (V1 Only) >130% (Latch Off)
Power Limit >120% (Auto-Recovery)
Overshoot (all outputs) 10% max.
Response Time 500μSec (25-75% step load)
Switching Frequency 60KHz (typical)
Operating Temp. Range-20°C to +50°C (Full Load)
Consult factory for -40°C Guaranteed Start-Up and Industrial Temperature Range options
Output Current Derating2.5%/°C, 50°C to 70°C
Storage Temp. Range -40°C to + 85°C
Humidity 5% to 95%, Non-Condensing
MTBF, Demonstrated >500,000 Hours
Cooling 30 cfm Airflow for Full Power
ImmunityEN61000-4-2; -3; -4; -5; -6; -8; -11
Altitude10,000 feet
Case Dimensions8.00 x 4.50 x 2.00” / 203.2 x 114.3 x 50.8mm
Weight3.15 lbs. (1.43 kg.)
Vibration from 10 - 55Hz1.0G Peak
.(3 orthogonal axes @ 1 octave/min, 5 minute dwell @ 4 major resonances)
EMC FCC Class A & VDE Class A, CISPR 22; EN 55022 Class A
SafetyUL60950-1 2nd Ed., EN60950-1 2nd Ed., CB REPORT (IEC 60950-1), CE MARK (LVD)


The DCMOD® family of switched mode DC-DC converters has been designed with two precepts; (1) the laws of physics are immutable, and (2) the satisfaction of customer requirements and needs is paramount.

A host of modifications, only some of which are listed below, can and will be performed on products for customer programs requiring as few as 250 units per year. These “mods” are available at nominal premium (if any), normally without non-recurring engineering costs (although a one time documentation fee may be incurred), and usually with all safety agency approvals in place. This minimizes both product development cost and new product time to market. Effectively, DCMODs® DC/DC converters allow small program requirements the luxury of costly custom power supply designs.


  • Unique Output Combinations from 1.5 to >48 volts
  • Power Fail / Power Good Signals
  • Enable / Inhibit
  • Isolated Outputs
  • Low Output Ripple and Noise
  • Cover & Fan Assembly
  • Extended Temperature Operating Range
  • -40°C Start-Up
  • Zero Load Operation
  • Remote Sense
  • Remote On / Off

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EMAIL: the.power.solution@unipowerco.com

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