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Check out UNIPOWER’s solution to our customer’s mobile hybrid power station needs –


Three years ago, when a customer was redesigning its popular hybrid power generation systems for some of the most demanding locations on Earth, one of the most difficult tasks was to find the power components that met the company’s very strict requirements. This was especially true when it came to selecting an architecture suite of inverters, rectifiers, solar chargers, controllers and related products.

The company’s hybrid power, off-grid systems are used in nearly every industry and application, including, public safety, education, communications, water pumps and purification, and military installations. Its portable power systems can be found around the globe providing sustainable power to field barracks, mobile landing strips, weather stations, irrigation and crop refrigeration systems, traffic lights and entire communities.

Enter UNIPOWER, a leading provider of high-efficiency power electronics, energy conversion systems and power supplies, headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. UNIPOWER’s products have been tested and validated to meet very strict military, environmental and mechanical standards.

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