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Many times we issue a story, blog or press release announcing a major improvement to the company and/or our customer service. However, most times we move on to the next news item and do not report the progress on previous stories. I am happy to announce that UNIPOWER’s lead time program has been a huge success! The attached story is from last October, when UNIPOWER announced a new program to get products into our customers’ hands quicker. Our goal was to get lead times on our ARE-M and ARE-S below four weeks and to even hit two weeks when possible.

In a very difficult environment (COVID-19, supply issues, component shortages and shipping delays) we have managed to increase our on-time delivery and far exceed our lead time goals for these popular battery chargers. Since the announcement last year, we have shipped nearly every battery charger order within the more aggressive 2-week goal, and many times we shipped within 1 week! This is a marked improvement over the last few years and all resulting from a new Operations-centric stocking program. You can read the full article below.

Rugged, High-Temp Battery Chargers for Utility, Communications and Industrial Applications First to Benefit from Shorter Lead-Times

October 15, 2020 (Coral Springs, FL) – UNIPOWER LLC, a world-leading supplier of industrial AC and DC power systems, announces a new corporate initiative to invest in resources that are decreasing lead times and providing an easier order process for its highly reliable AC/DC power solutions. Known industry-wide for its product quality and longevity, this new program is designed to assist customers with time-critical delivery needs.

“We have recently invested in state-of-the-art testing equipment and process improvements to upgrade our manufacturing so that we can deliver our products more quickly to our customers – in as little as two weeks for many products and configurations,” said John Ely, vice president of marketing for UNIPOWER. “We are also investing in our technical support and field service teams to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction from pre-order to post-sale assistance.”

The first product lines to benefit from the faster delivery times are UNIPOWER’s ARE-M Series Ferroresonant Chargers and ARE-S Series SCR-Controlled Chargers designed for harsh environments. Built from the ground up to operate in remote and demanding outdoor applications, both the ARE-M and ARE-S models operate in a wide temperature range from 32ºF to 122ºF (0ºC to 50ºC). Incorporating long-life components, the low-maintenance chargers have demonstrated their dependability in decades of reliable operation across the globe. They feature easy serviceability that saves time and costs – essential for communications and industrial power systems located in isolated locations, including offshore operations. With single-phase AC input, users can select from 24, 48 or 130VDC output with 144W to 6500W for the ARE-M Series and 48 or 130VDC output of 288W to 9750W for the ARE-S Series.

“Our robust ARE-M and ARE-S battery chargers offer ideal solutions for utility, communication and industrial power systems that are often located in remote settings,” explained Ely. “Some of our chargers have been in the field for 30 years – a testament to their high reliability, long life, low operating cost, easy-to-service modules and wide operating temperature range. These qualities make our ARE Series the go-to choice for power systems located in challenging environments – reducing truck rolls and other expensive service costs. With our upgraded manufacturing support, getting our battery chargers to customers faster to support their product rollouts makes them even more desirable.”

ARE-M Series Controlled Ferroresonant Float Rectifiers Feature:

  • Single-phase 120, 208, 240, or 480VAC input
  • 24, 48 and 130VDC models, with 6 to 100-amp output
  • Voltage regulation
  • Advanced rectifier, control and filter circuitry
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Easily adjusted to meet specific operating requirements
  • Low operating costs (a combination of high efficiency and low power factor)
  • Easy maintenance and high reliability
  • Digital controls
  • High MTBF and a 5-year warranty
  • Safety Agency Listed to UL 1012 and CSA 107.1

ARE-S Series SCR-Controlled Single-Phase Chargers Feature:

  • Single-Phase 120, 208, 240, or 480VAC input
  • 48VDC with 6 to 50-amp output
  • 130VDC with 6 to75-amp output
  • Digital controls with 4-button keypad for live charger setting and alarm adjustments
  • Floor, wall, and relay rack mounts are available on most models
  • Modular design of major components for easy maintenance
  • Visual indicators with time delays to prevent nuisance alarms
  • Inherently safe design
  • High MTBF and 5-year warranty
  • Safety Agency Listed to UL 1012 and CSA 107.1

In addition, both models offer many options including: blocking diodes, lightning protection, transient protection (MOVs) and more.

The UL-listed, CSA-certified Micro ARE-M and Micro ARE-S chargers are available now.

To learn more technical details, watch UNIPOWER’S webinar on Utility and Industrial Charging Systems on YouTube.

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UNIPOWER is the leader in robust and configurable DC power products, designed for longevity in severe environments for the telecom, datacom and utility markets. With more than 25 years of experience supporting customers in more than 60 countries, UNIPOWER is focused on bringing reliable power solutions to customers across all applications and environments.